Saint Luke’s

Episcopal Church

Est. 1890

1218 South Grand Avenue East
Springfield, Illinois 62703
The Ven. Shawn W. Denney, Vicar


Sunday at 8 am and 10:30 am

Tuesday at 12:15 (at St. Paul’s Cathedral)

Wednesday at 7:30 am

Nearly a year ago our dear friend and colleague, Fr. David Boase, was served with a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court in Kansas City, Missouri for removal proceedings. This began a long and trying period for David, leading from an expectation of being forced to leave this country, which has become his home and which he has grown to love, to the emergence of a glimmer of hope, with the possibility of applying to have the removal cancelled by asserting his status as a lawful permanent resident. A hearing was held before the Immigration Court on July 22 in Kansas City, MO. Attending the hearing supporting Father David were Father Shawn, his wife, and David's friend Diana along with David’s attorney. The judge granted David’s application, and issued a final order on July 31, 2019. While one wished this to be over then, it was NOT over until a 30-day appeal period expired. The period passed without an appeal, and Fr. Boase is permanently and safely with us. We rejoice for David and for ourselves with this outcome. ...

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Pizza after 10:30 am Mass on Sunday. Thanks to our pizza coordinator - Emily. Everyone enjoyed Antonio's pizza. ...

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